Dor group is the leading manufacturer in Israel of Solvents, Adhesives, Urea-products, Resins and PP-films, with 4 main production sites and 400 employees. In 2010, Dor group acquired Verolit Elex, the most popular Israeli brand for industrial adhesive, and in 2013 added "Colory" producer of Paints and Lacquers to its group.

Dor offers blue-white products in the field of industrial glues, thinners and solvents. Our goal is to provide users of adhesives with Israel-produced quality products superior in both quality and price to the alternative import products.

Verolit is a center of developing and manufacturing wood, paper and carton adhesives, with a growing range of polymer-emulsions and contact-cements. Verolit is also the sole producer of Hot-Melt adhesives in the region. Our production facility includes reactors for water-based polymerization, three lines of Hot-Melt adhesives and blenders for solvent-based glues, Dextrin, Casein and other resins.

Verolit products include:

  • Solvents Distillation- The base for Verolit Contact glues and Thinners
  • Polymerization- Carmel Resins polymer emulsions are the base for water based Adhesives and Paints
  • Hot Melt adhesives- Verolit is the sole producer of HMA in the region, with raw materials synergetic to Dor-Film and Dor-Chemicals, as well as laboratory team and equipment

Verolit brand is known in many countries as "Tiger Glue" and is marketed by ELEX with various applications such as carton packaging (incl. frozen food packages), carton laminating and tube making, bookbinding, woodworking, carpets and upholstery adhesives, bottles labeling and more.

With this background Verolit has become regional center of excellence in adhesives, paints and thinners for the following sectors: Packaging, Carton converting, and Woodworking, Graphic arts, Construction, Labeling, Upholstery, Wood-varnishing and DIY applications.

Customers of Verolit can get a full range of adhesives solutions: water based, solvent based and hot melt adhesives plus complementary thinners, Urea, flexible materials and more. We offer service by personnel working exclusively in glues and paints and experienced prominently in the Israeli market.

Carmel Blue

As a part of its Urea activity, ELEX is also a producer of AD-Blue, an advanced pollution control additive used as a consumable in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) installed in the exhaust system of Diesel Engines as complied by EURO4 Standards in order to lower NOx concentration in the diesel exhaust emissions from diesel engines. ELEX is a member of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). VDA controls the AD-BLUE trademark and uses it to ensure quality standards are maintained in accordance with DIN 70070 and ISO 22241 specifications.

Carmel blue is used in the following applications:

Urea solution (water based) for diesel engines as regulated by the EU standard for NOX prevention, aka AD-BLUE.

A special Urea additive for SCR (in trucks etc.).

Additive for trucks and diesel engines.

Verolit -
Elex is proud of its service and sales team. Each member of the team has 20-30 years of experience. There is no adhesives supplier in Israel that has such extensive expertise and problem-solving crew.

We offer:

Technical support
our lab tests every aspect of our adhesives and offers the best and most economical grade. The line trials are conducted in the presence of a Verolit plant technician with 20 years' experience.

Verolit adhesives are supplied within 48 hours and come in a wide variety of packaging types and sizes: IBC (1 ton), drums, 20 " containers and down to 0.5 kg cans. We provide our adhesives where, how and when you need them, you name it.

We are capable of challenging and replacing even the largest global producers. In accordance with your requirements, you can usually expect a money saving dead ringer.


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