Dor Ecology is active in the recycling and recovery of organic solvents for the chemical industry for over 15 years. To date, Dor Ecology processes approximately 25% of the hazardous materials in Israel, with high refining abilities, unique development and recycling process capabilities. Dor Ecology facility constitutes the greatest recycling activity in Israel both in quality and in scope with an 85% recycling rate. This along with its direct link to natural gas contributes to the reduction of pollution and hazardous waste in Israel.

Dor Ecology offers waste removal services, means of transport for hazardous materials, waste storage, waste recycling, waste salvage, recover services. Additionally, Dor ecology specializes in the development of manufacturing processes in which recycled products are recovered and are converted to raw materials.

Dor Ecology's plant is in Ramat Hovav, located in the South of Israel and includes pre-treatment, evaporation, distillation, filtration and neutralization units, sludge treatment systems, storage tanks and an overall transport system including tankers and trailers for the transport and of all types of materials to and from the chemical industry.

Dor Ecology consists of an R & D team who are at the frontier of technology and keeps busy with developments of new technologies in the recycling, recovery, wastewater treatment, and sludge treatment solutions.

Both Dor Chemicals and Dor Ecology were granted with a transboundary manager approval for the treatment of hazardous wastes. As part of a broader reform carried out by the Ministry of the Environment regarding hazardous waste, this approval allows Dor to send solvent waste containing hazardous materials without requiring the approval of the Ministry for each and every shipment. This reform is intended to encourage the implementation of environmental care for hazardous waste, such as recycling, which is preferable over burning or landfilling currently performed at Ramat Hovav.


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