One primary source of Israeli air pollution is the tools of transportation such as trucks, buses, trains, or mechanical assemblies, which are fueled by cellular communications.

 That source has an impact on various ecological systems, including the environmental impact of the environment, especially when it comes to broad expanses of the urban environment.


Dor Group is proud to present innovative transportation while launching an engine that is operated by 100% of methanol.


The engine will replace itself with diesel fuel, reducing their dependence on petroleum and helping reduce air pollution.


Many development efforts were spent in a unique project, currently viewing a Generator operates on 100% of methanol. The generator provides a clean and quiet alternative to the supply of energy needed primarily at construction sites in the city centers. Using the engine which does not require diesel fuel reduces the number of particles emitted in the air during the gas process by about 80%, plus noise levels and expected to decrease significantly.



Each generation is continuously working to put Israeli innovation, Supports appropriate changes with innovative products and creative solutions while committed to improving quality in the environment!