Adhesives for general woodworking based on thermosetting resin, made from urea formaldehyde

  • User friendly and comfortable.
  • Time and production cost savings.
  •  Low formaldehyde emission from the finished board.
  • Easily adaptable to various applications.
  • Consistent and reliable performance.
  • Wide application range such as for curved wood furniture, plywood doors, shaped items, panels, laminates etc.
  • Optimized price/performance ratio.

Also available as a semi-finished product, to be used as a raw material for self preparation of adhesive as per customer formulation.

Appearance: Opaque to milky white
Solids content: {2g, 3 hours at 120°C} : 60 ± 2%
Density {20°C} : 1.258 ±0.012 g/ml
Viscosity of fresh product {Brookfield 25°C}: 1.6 ± 0.8 Poise
pH : 7.8 - 9.0
Gel time {100°C} on fresh product : 25 - 35 seconds