Carwet A-75

An excellent wetting agent and in general a very effective surface-active agent.

Appearance: clear liquid
Solvent water: propylene glycol
Solids: 75%
Color: APHA, (as is), max. 125
Viscosity: 25ºC, mPa.s 450
pH: (10% solution) 5
Shelf Life: 12 months


  • The Textile Industry - as a wetting and scouring agent as well as in the dyeing process.
  • Agricultural Chemicals Industry - for the preparation of dispersible powders of plant protection agents.
  • Dry-Cleaning Industry - in liquid formulations as well as in cleaning solutions for automobile windshields.
  • Paint Industry – CARWET A75 enhances pigment dispersion, as well as the flow and leveling of paint.
  • Printing Ink Manufacturers - as a wetting agent in water-borne printing ink formulations.
  • Emulsion Polymerization - as an emulsifier in the production of latex for the rubber industry and in the emulsion of polymerization of vinyl type monomers.