A prominent source of air pollution in Israel is heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, trains, and even heavy mechanical equipment, which are fueled by diesel and impact many ecosystems, including an impact on the environment, especially when it comes to urban environments.


Dor Group is proud to present an innovative project in transportation and heavy engines. It launches an engine powered by 100% methanol alternative fuel, which will substitute for diesel use, reduce costs, reduce oil dependence, and help reduce air pollution.


Many development efforts have been devoted to the unique project, introducing Genset and a medium-duty truck running 100% methanol fuel.

The engine provides a clean and quiet alternative to the necessary energy supply. A machine that does not need diesel reduces the number of particles emitted into the air during the fuel combustion process by up to 80%.

In addition, the engine significantly reduced noise and odor levels.


Dor is continuously working for Israeli innovation in energy, supporting the necessary changes with innovative products and creative solutions while committing to improving quality in the environment!

Clean Liquid Fuel Clean Liquid Fuel
Less Particles Emitted Less Particles Emitted
Reduced Air Pollution Reduced Air Pollution

Methanol News

  • 20/08/21

    A revolution in the Gensets world

    This week, 4 innovative generators based on the unique M100 technology from Dor landed in Israel. The next generation of generators features an engine that runs on 100% friendly methanol fuel, which replaces polluting diesel and significantly affects air pollution levels in the environment.

  • 30/07/20

    Implementing the methanol economy in Nigeria

    The Nigerian government and the Dor group signed an agreement last night in which a knowledge package for the use of methanol as a clean fuel substitute will be transferred to Nigeria.