Cystrip provides the ideal method for the cleaning and paint removal of delicate substrates such as aluminium, titanium and polymer composite materials. Cystrip complies with US Air Force Mil-8-85891 specifications and is approved by Pratt & Whitney, and other North American and European Standards associations.

Cystrip can be used within the aircraft, space and defense maintenance industries; the ground and naval transportation maintenance industries; production items and industrial tool maintenance within the electronic industries; for non-ferrous metals in the precision products industries; chemical, glass, plastic, rubber and food industries and for the maintenance of appliances, furniture and household articles industries.

Throughout the world, more and more companies are using plastic media blast instead of chemicals and solvents, as plastic media blast is environmentally friendly, safer for the operator, and economical (as it can berecycled).

Cystrip Type M & Cystrip Type U
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