Since 2006, Dor Group's Elex Control Systems manufactures Carmel Blue urea as an additive for solution for trucks, buses and diesel engines according to DIN/70070 ISO 22241-1 Standards as regulated by the EU standard EURO-4, EURO-5, EURO-6 for NOX prevention, aka Ad-Blue.

Carmel Blue is a 32.5% concentrated water based urea solution especially for trucks and buses with a selective catalytic reduction system required as an additive to diesel engines' emission system for preventing nitrogen oxides NOx pollution.

Carmel blue ties oxygen oxide and turns it into nitrogen and atmospheric oxygen. The purity of the refined product completely defines its effectiveness. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the cleanliness of the material along the supply chain. Supply of Carmel blue comes in containers of 10 liters, 1000 liters cubes, and bulk containers.

Elex Control Systems is the only company in Israel to receive European approval to produce urea solution for trucks and buses. Moreover, Elex Control systems is a member of the German Automotive Industry (VDA), authorizing the company to use the international brand Ad-Blue. Elex control is on the VDA list of authorized producers alongside the world's largest chemical distributors such as Bosch, Shell, and heavy vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, DAF, Volkswagen, MAN, Iveco, Mercedes and others.

Carmel Blue of Elex Control Systems provides a comprehensive solution for all our customers' needs, including delivery at any time, continuous quality, and product packaging according to customer needs.

The plant is certified with quality management system ISO 9001: 2015. 
Specially for trucks and buses with a selective catalyic reduction system which reduces NOX and prevents pollution.

Carmel Blue Packaging is supplied in:

    • 10 Liter Jerry Cans
    • 1000 Liter Cubes
    • 2500 Liter and 5000 Liter Bulk Container