CP88 Additive for starch based adhesive has set quality standards since its introduction in 1988.

All of our resins are the result of continuous development to meet our customers' needs and new environmental regulations. 


CP88 Additive for corrgated cardboard starch glue Major benefits:

CP88 SAVES paper cost and improves quality increasing the values of ECT ( Edge Crush Test ) , BCT ( Box Crush Test ) , PAT ( Pin Adhesion Test )
CP88 SAVES production cost by increasing machine speed
CP88 is waterproofing starch glue according FEFCO 9 and TAPPI standard


CP88 products are for waterproofing starch-based adhesives for corrugated boxes, enhance mechanical properties, and increase machine speed.


Water-resistance achieved by a cross-linking reaction between the starch/cellulose and the resin, in which a grid of covalent bonds formed.

The grid developed after the gelatinization of the glue. This chemical bond is stable in water, and thus glue acquires water-resistant qualities.

The starch adhesive is water-soluble, and resin also is water-soluble, But dry starch adhesive + resin (pH >11 + temp >120°C) = polymer which is insoluble in water

Delamination can overcome by increasing the tackiness of the wet glue leading to better bonding, which allows working at higher speeds. Thus, productivity and line efficiency increases and costs decrease.


Using CP88 resins in adhesives saves production costs:

Strength: CP88 saves paper cost and improves quality increasing the values of ECT, BCT, PAT 

Cost-efficient: CP88 saves production cost by increasing machines speed 

Waterproofing: CP88 is waterproofing starch glue.   


We offer liquid and powder form CP88.

  • Powder type resins are suitable for manufacturing ready mixed starch adhesive powder.
  • Liquid type resins are useful for factories that have starch glue kitchen, which allows factories to consider as starch adhesive manufacturers. 


The formulation of starch-based adhesives is essential for a high-quality board. 


Please don't hesitate to be in touch with us for the formulation selection of starch adhesives for the corrugated industry and to have the secret of being a better-corrugated board with less starch. 

For more information, Contact: Moris Bahar moris@dorchemicals.com