1022 PVA-based adhesive for production of tubes and cores. 

Verolit 1506 
General water based PVA based on non-hazardous materials for children and general carton & paper uses. (Water based). Meets EN71 for Toys safety. 

Cold glue for back cover of books. 

Water-based plastic glue, filler free for the gluing cardboard boxes in winter conditions. 

PVA glue for gluing paper and cardboard. Filler free, optimized for gluing paper and cardboard with carton speed machines.

Verolit 1534 
PVA for paper lamination of cardboards. Optimized for fast machines in the paper to carton applications. Water based PVA, filler free.

PVA-based adhesive without filler has a long opening times, suitable for speed machines for the production of Zbilim cores. 

Cold Glue for injections of plain paper. 

Cold glue for pasting side of envelopes.

Special glue made of special Razin for the wood industry. Israeli standards conforming wood glue. 

Excellent quality wood glue. Verolit 55 is considered for many years the highest quality glue for all woodwork, even in winter and hard wood.Glue of superior quality, pure with 50% active adhesive volume.Water-based adhesive. 

Special tube glue with 60% pure high viscosity.