Verolit 1029 PVA based adhesive for fast carton-tube-winding, widely used in the toilet-paper industry and other paper converting applications. Industrial adhesive for paper converting. Water based Adhesive.

1225 Water-based adhesive used for labels on cans.

Verolit 1450 Acrylic type (water-based) adhesive for paper on magnets and other plastics glues. For touch surfaces (plastics, light metal) adhesion of paper. Water based (acrylic) adhesive.

1450 Cold Glue magnets. 

1468 Adhesive photo albums.

1636 Adhesive for thermal and acoustic insulation.

1761 Paper and cardboard clinging to film plastic such as PVC PS PET. 

1763 Water-based desk -coated cardboard / plastic film. 

1764 Textile adhesive tape. 

1767 Adhesive PVC sheets to metal surfaces.

Verolit 1771/2 Acrylic type (water-based) adhesive for paper on PE and other laminated paper gluing. For the gluing of paper/ Carton to laminated surfaces. Water based adhesive.

1777 Pasting coated bags

Verolit 1781 Acrylic adhesive for carpets (water based).
Serves as a substitute for solvent-based glue.