Solvents are a colorless substance which dissolves easily, has a unique odor, soluble in water and alcohol. The material is produced in the oxidation process of Komen, when hydrogen is taken out.


  • Paint solvent
  • Paint, varnish
  • Cellulose acetate solvent
  • Potassium iodide (cloud seeding)
  • Extracts
  • Feedstocks for Methylmatacrylate and Bisphenol


Dor Chemicals imports chemicals for personal consumption for the various companies, which make up the Dor Group. The great purchasing power of the group gives it a significant advantage in achieving better prices, thus putting it on a par with the leading trade companies. Dor Chemicals sells various chemicals in bulk - road tankers and ISO tanks, as well as in packages such as IBC blocks, metal barrels, plastic barrels and jerry cans.


Solvents include:Ethyl Acetate, MonoEthylene Glycol (MEG), IPA, Turpentine, Toluene, Casilan, Methylene Chloride