Dor Ecology is a top quality recycler for solvents, which are used in different industries mainly from Pharma and API industries. Based on its excellent distillation abilities, the high quality products can be used as a substitution for virgin materials.

These solvents have a key role in the industry and household applications, as well as extensive use in the paint industry. Their role is to dissolve the components of different colors and to help compare and soften coverage of the painted areas. Similar principles appear when the solvent is used in the fields of printing inks and adhesives. Solvents allow dispersion and distribution of active ingredients in different formulas and have the ability to make important components from plants or seeds.

Solvents are also important in the process of cleaning and are used for dry cleaning, metal cleaning , industrial cleaning and household products .

The products range includes chemical solvents, hydrocarbon solvents and mixed solvents: 

  • Ethyl Acetate -Paint industry, Thinners, and Printing Houses
  • Acetone -Paint Industry, Thinners, Adhesives Manufacturing
  • Toluene -Paint Industry, Thinners, Adhesives Manufacturing, Bitumen
  • IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) - Printing Houses, Detergents, Electronics
  • Ethanol -Printing Houses, Detergents, Bio Diesel Manufacturing
  • Butanol - Paint Industry, Thinners, Printing Houses
  • Normal Propanol - Printing Houses
  • Isopar -Printing Houses, Degrease
  • IPA/Toluene – Thinners
  • Elyptic Solvent – Degrease
  • Pentanol/ Butanol - Paint Industry 

Dor Chemicals is also active in the recycling of solvents in the chemical industry for the following purposes: 

  1. Reduction of waste quantities and conservation of environmental resources.
  2. Cheaper alternative for source materials.
  3. Reduction of air pollution levels. 


This activity is based on:o Refining capacities and high evaporation.

  • Expert staff in chemistry and chemical engineering.
  • Capacity of process development.
  • Effective facilities and transportation.
  • High level analytical laboratory services.