In recent years, Dor has been promoting the use of Methanol as an alternative energy to gasoline and recognizing the added value that Methanol represents.

Methanol is a pure, pollution-free substance based on a stable molecule, easy to store and transport. Methanol can be produced from a variety of sources such as natural gas, waste and CO2 emissions. Methanol in gasoline will lower the consumer price and reduce emissions of pollutants from transportation.

In a special project that was conducted in cooperation with Fiat Chrysler International, the Ministry of Infrastructures, Energy and Water, the Ministry of Transportation, the Standards Institute, the National Administration of Gas Substitutes and the JRC, an experiment was conducted on various vehicle models with different Methanol mixtures.

A unique Methanol-gasoline fueling station was established in the Haifa Bay area for the trial program purposes and tests began on over two million kilometers of travel. The experiment was crowned a great success and the Israeli Standards Committee approved the M15 standard for use as transportation fuel.

Dor continues its activities and plans to expand the scope of the experiment to include trucks for use in 100% Methanol.

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