Fordor is a unique chemical substance used for disinfection purposes on a wide range of parasites, bacteria, fungi etc.

Fordor is manufactured by Dor chemicals in Israel. A product of many years of Dor's research and development in cooperation with scientists from the Vulcani Institute and experts from the Ministry of Agriculture. It is the most effective product for treating bacterial diseases.

Fordor was developed for various uses:

  • Disinfectant against soil borne diseases in crops such as potatoes, peanuts, melons, tomatoes etc.
  • Disinfection of a wide range of diseases found in poultries
  • Fish ponds

Fordor is applied through various techniques including dripping, sprinkling, mobile irrigation systems and spraying and can be applied at all seasons. Dor performs the soil fumigation and disinfection of greenhouses, while disinfection of poultry houses, hatcheries and fishponds are conducted by multiple implementers holding proper licensing.  Dor Group has developed a unique means of scattering the application in a uniform, safe and reliable way for both the employee and the environment. The service we provide includes transport and dispersion of the product according to all authority requirements.

Fordor is environmentally friendly, disintigrates in the soil into water and carbon dioxide after a short time.

Customers recommend Fordor for disinfection alone or combined with other chemical preparations:

  • " Recommendations for soil fumigation in the Jordan Valley "
  • " Destruction of soil pests in vegetables and flowers "