Dor chemicals is the leading supplier of Methanol in Israel, with 40 years' experience in the field. Dor owns a fleet of Methanol dedicated road tankers to supply methanol to our customers for use in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Solvents - Pharma API, preservative solutions and others
  • Raw materials - to make Formaldehyde, Hydrogen, MTBE, Dimethyl ether (DME) and others
  • Chemical in transesterification of triglycerides - to make Bio-Diesel
  • Clean energy source - burning methanol in engines, steam boilers, gas turbines etc.

Methanol is colorless liquid alcohol. Its basic use is as raw material in most of the chemical and fuel industries. Methanol is composed of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon. Half of its mass is Oxygen, which reduces dramatically the greenhouse gasses generated once burning Methanol, compared to all the other fuels, especially fossil fuels.

Methanol can be provided in several grades:

  • Methanol
  • Methanol - HPLC

Because we care about the Environment

Israel secured newfound energy sources with its discovery of Natural gas reserves off the shores of Israel. With this new discovery and with the goal of air and environment preservation, Dor Chemicals is planning to build a Methanol plant in Ramat Hovav, producing 1 Million ton per annum to the fuel market.

The use of Methanol as fuel was defined by MIT University in the USA and by the Kendel committee from the Israeli Prime Minister's office as an applicable and practical use for transportation fuel in order to reduce the need all over the world for crude oil.

Methanol is the cleaner fuel alternative, so it is increasingly employed as an alternative fuel to replace gasoline and diesel fuels in the transportation sector. Methanol plays a growing role as a clean energy source.

Dor has conducted many experiments during the last couple of years in collaboration with Israel Electric Corporation and the institution of environment protection; including experiments on steam boilers in order to examine the emissions while burning Methanol & Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). All tests were completed in accordance with formal methodology by an authorized laboratory from the Environment Authorities. The emission data was collected on: CO2, CO, SOX , NOX and other Particles. Results show reduction of 16% CO2 Emission between heavy fuel oil to Methanol proving methanol is the cleaner alternative.