Corrugated Adhesives - the secret for stronger Currugated Cardboard manufacturing.


The corrugated board is made by gluing flute and kraft. Starch-based adhesives for corrugated boxes have used as corrugated adhesives since the beginning of the industry. The adhesion base is on a hydrogen bond between starch molecules of the glue and cellulose molecule of the paper.

A corrugated board is a construction whose strength depends on its "bonding points."

The strength depends on Glue formulation, type of starch, temperature, paper quality, paper quality, glue penetration, running speed.


The bonding quality determines the ultimate strength of the corrugated cardboard.


Starch glue, even if appropriately prepared, it's water-soluble. Starch glue weakens in a humid environment, and the board loses its strength until total separation occurs. Therefore, the corrugated cardboard factories should add additives in starch adhesive for corrugated board.


Water-resistant corrugated cardboard required in a variety of industries: Foods and beverages, frozen foods, high humidity areas, tobacco, fruits and vegetables, flower packaging, outdoor storage, and more.

Water resin tests should be according to FEFCO and TAPPI standards for the corrugated cardboard industry.

The strength of the board is very important to have a high-quality box. The main test methods for strength are ECT (Edge Crush Test), BCT (Box Crash Test), PAT (Pin Adhesion Test).

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