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The Hydrogen Revolution

The annual conference of the Israeli Institute of Energy and Environment brought to the front stage the discussion hydrogen transportation as a preferred alternative. ⚪♻️⚪

At the conference, the new Minister of Energy, MK Karine Elharrar / Israel Ministry of Energy, alongside decision-makers in the energy field of the Israel state, investors, and representatives of other companies working to promote the future generation of transportation.

Lior Shmueli who leads the field of renewable fuels at Dor Group, has presented Dor Group's high hydrogen production & refueling capabilities for many years, especially in the field of maritime transportation.


Dor Group is constantly working in Research and Development, accessing the world of clean fuels transportation, and find hydrogen fuel to be mainly crucial to the coming future of transportation.

Dor - leading innovation for a better future in the environment!


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Hydrogen the future generation of transportation