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Implementing the methanol economy in Nigeria

The Nigerian government and the Dor group signed an agreement last night in which a knowledge package for the use of methanol as a clean #fuel substitute will be transferred to Nigeria.

Additionally, methanol-powered generators and engines, which are a unique dor's products, will be delivered to Nigeria, instead of using diesel and gasoline, to reduce pollutant emissions and utilize natural gas resources, which Nigeria's is abundant of, for methanol production.

The meeting took place in Abuja, the capital, in the presence of Nigerian Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonia Ono, Deputy Ambassador of Israel Mr. Yotam Klein, and Mrs. Osoji Florence, the Embassy's Economic Attaché.

Minister Ono is leading the Nigerian government's plan to expand methanol applications in the country to enable the development of the local economy, create more jobs, and make optimal use of existing gas resources to reduce the country's dependence on fuel imports.


The package of knowledge and methanol technologies that will be transfer to Nigeria is the result of the exclusive innovations of the Dor Group, which has been promoting a series of developments and products that operate on methanol as a fuel substitute in recent years.


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