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100% Methanol

Road vehicles are the source of the most common types of air pollution. True that it's caused by private cars, but also by trucks, ships, buses and motorcycles and to a reduced extent by trains. Cars and trucks also emit Carbon Dioxide – an important greenhouse gas that is responsible to global warming. When emitted at low concentrations, Carbon Dioxide usually doesn't cause health risks, but it creates ecological and health problems and is therefore defined as a pollutant. Health risks that are a result of climate changes are derived from heat waves, extreme weather conditions such as storms, floods, and droughts, increased air pollution, infectious diseases spread, increased water pollution and more.
Buses and trucks are a major source of air pollution coming from transport. In most countries, these vehicles emit diesel steam which is considered a cancerous substance. However, according to US research from 2010, it has been found that public transportation decreases the amount of pollution per trip kilometer of every passenger, especially electric public transportation and newer diesel vehicles. The effect on health from ships doesn't seem to be significant, since ships are usually deep at sea and therefore their pollution is distant from populated areas, although air pollution in close proximity to ports could be severe because of the concentrated pollution as well as the use of fuel oil – an extremely pollutant fuel associated with particulate substance and emission of heavy metals.
Efforts to decrease air pollution, especially the ones associated with particulate substance pollution, should focus on diesel cars.
In the past years, Dor has developed a 100% clean Methanol propulsion engine, as an alternative to diesel fuel. The engine is used for trucks, buses, heavy mechanical equipment, vessels, as well as power generators and alike. The use of methanol as a smart alternative to diesel fuel significantly decreases the amount of emission coming from vehicles, therefore, improves the environment and decreases air pollution level.

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