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Transport pollution

Transport pollution includes all types of air pollutants emitted from motor transport.  It relates specifically to air pollution coming from road vehicles such as, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and trains, especially those in urban surroundings which cause serious health risks to humans, as well as additional harm, like acid rain.  In theory, other vehicles such as, ships and airplanes also contribute to air pollution, aside of ships in seaports which have a low effect on health due to being distant from populated areas.  Although, those have a much greater effect on the environment.

According to the UN Environment, urban air pollution associated with the premature death of about 1 million people worldwide every year!

90%  of air pollution in developing countries is caused by vehicle pollution which is derived from having a large amount of old and poorly maintained vehicles, insufficient foundations and poor quality fuels.

According to the ministry of environmental protection, up to 2016, transport air pollution in Israel was the cause of premature death of 1250 people every year.

Dor is working towards improving the environment and decreasing air pollution, by developing alternative fuels based on Methanol, which significantly decrease vehicle emissions and transport air pollution.

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