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Dor Group will assist in the integration of the methanol economy at the request of the Indian government’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure (Click here for the full article)


Methanol is readily available and, thanks to its relatively low price, is an effective and safe substitute for conventional fuels worldwide. Methanol is a pure molecule.  Produced primarily from natural gas, and can also be produced from renewable sources such as urban waste and CO2 emissions and is considered an ideal fuel substitute that is also environmentally safe, cleaner than natural gas and safer to use.


 The use of methanol in general and specifically its incorporation with petrol is gaining popularity around the globe thanks to its being safer and less of a health threat as it lacks any carcinogenic substances. Additionally, it can be easily transported and stored using existing fuel infrastructures, not requiring any new investments.


Gil Dankner, Dor Group’s Chairman, said:” Dor Group continues to work to expand its knowledge base and implement a methanol economy that can also be an ideal substitute for diesel fuel used in the operation of heavy vehicles such as trucks and busses. A solution of 100% methanol for diesel engines will allow for significant environmental benefits as most air pollution from transportation is from engines using diesel fuel. An additional use for methanol is as a substitute for polluting fuels used in electricity generation in those areas where natural gas in unobtainable, such as the Israel Electric Corporation’s generating plant in Eilat.


The experience and knowledge accumulated due to these and additional projects l, has made the group a significant player, leading the world in this area. The desire of India and other countries to combine the integration of a methanol economy with the help and guidance of the Dor Group is proof of that and I am confident that the State of Israel will also be promoting this issue soon”.