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FG explores use of methanol for power generation, fuel

As part of determination to diversify the source of power supply and environmental management, the Federal Government has expressed its readiness to collaborate foreign investors in the use of methanol for electricity generation and fuel.

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, the Minister of Science and Technology who stated this in Abuja on Thursday while receiving the Chairman of an Israeli company, DOR Chemical, Gil Danker, in his office, said it would only collaborate with investors from across the globe who are willing to produce, do research and transfer technology to Nigerians.

Onu stated that the use of methanol for electricity generation would help Nigerians to utilise efficiently the enormous natural resources in the country as well as protect the environment.

Speaking about the foreign investor, the minister said the firm would “be very helpful, as the staff would do research and produce in Nigeria.”

“They want to help Nigeria move in the direction that other developing countries are moving, through diversifying the source of their fuel.

“Many developing countries now get their fuel from methanol. We should also key in because one is cheaper, it would help us to create jobs and protect our environment,” the minister said.

Dr. Onu said, “Nigeria has a lot to benefit by moving from resource based economy to innovation based economy which is technologically driven, we cannot continue to rely on just one commodity and primary products for our economy.

“We must add value to what we have and we also must close all technology gaps in the country, we are the largest economy in Africa, we have the largest population in Africa, we should become self-reliant in food production, we must as a nation start producing the things that we need.”


The Chairman of Dor Chemicals, Gil Dankner, stated that their main product is methanol, which is produced from natural gas and is a basic product from which one can produce a lot of different products.

“In this world there are different products which are made of methanol, however, methanol is a source for world clean energy both for transportation and can also be used for electricity generation.

“Your country has lot natural gas out of which you can produce methanol which is liquid much easier to store and transport , we see a huge potential for this economy.”

Gil Danker noted that “Methanol in Nigeria can reduce the cost of energy because methanol is cheaper than gasoline and diesel, it can improve the environment and create a lot of jobs in Nigeria,” he stated.

Methanol is mainly produced from Natural gas, and can be produced from coal, Biomass and Carbon dioxide emissions.

The use of methanol offers significant environmental benefits due to the reduced gaseous emissions to the atmosphere. It can be used as fuel substitute in the internal combustion engines.

Dor Group-General, established in 1957 is active in the petrochemical industry and alternative fuel for over 50 years.