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  • M-100


    Dor Group introduces an engine powered by 100% methanol alternative fuel, replaces diesel dependence and reduces air pollution by heavy transport

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    HP MTBE is an excellent choice as a process solvent in the production / synthesis of Fine Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals (also API); Agrochemicals, pesticides and insecticides; Cosmetics; Food and others.

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  • 100%  Methanol

    100% Methanol

    Methanol is colorless liquid alcohol and made as a raw material in most chemical and fuel industries, which dramatically reduces greenhouse gases formed after combustion, compared to other fuels. 

    Methanol use as a fuel has been defined by MIT University in the USA and by the Kendall Committee in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office to use transportation fuel to reduce the global need for crude oil.

    Methanol is the cleaner fuel alternative, so it is increasingly changing as a substitute fuel for replacing fuels and diesel in transport, though, a growing role as a clean energy source.

    100% Methanol

  • Transport pollution

    Transport pollution

    Air pollution from transportation is a leading cause of death in Israel and throughout the world. It includes all types of pollutants emitted from motor transportation that originate in road vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, trains, and motorcycles.

    These vehicles, especially when it comes to an urban environment, pose serious health risks to humans.

    Taking measures for this type of pollution is paramount and requires modern applications that will provide clean and safe fuel substitutes to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

    Transport pollution