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  • M-15 Fuel

    M-15 Fuel

    In recent years, a number of experiments have been conducted in Israel to use Methanol as fuel or fuel component. For this purpose, various vehicle models were tested completing a two million kilometer run. In a unique collaboration, Dor and the infamous Fiat Chrysler Group launched the Fiat 500-M15, a vehicle powered by M15 fuel (a mixture of 15% Methanol with Gasoline) and adjusted for Euro 6 regulations.

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  • CP88


    A series of starch adhesive additives for intact corrugated cardboard packaging

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    HP MTBE is an excellent choice as a process solvent in the production / synthesis of Fine Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals (also API); Agrochemicals, pesticides and insecticides; Cosmetics; Food and others.

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  • 100%  Methanol

    100% Methanol

    Road vehicles are the source of the most common types of air pollution. True that it's caused by private cars, but also by trucks, ships, buses and motorcycles and to a reduced extent by trains. Cars and trucks also emit Carbon Dioxide – an important greenhouse gas that is responsible to global warming. When emitted at low concentrations, Carbon Dioxide usually doesn't cause health risks, but it creates ecological and health problems and is therefore defined as a pollutant. Health risks that are a result of climate changes are derived from heat waves, extreme weather conditions such as storms, floods, and droughts, increased air pollution, infectious diseases spread, increased water pollution and more.

    100% Methanol

  • Transport pollution includes

    Transport pollution includes

    Transport pollution includes all types of air pollutants emitted from motor transport.  It relates specifically to air pollution coming from road vehicles such as, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and trains, especially those in urban surroundings which cause serious health risks to humans, as well as additional harm, like acid rain.  In theory, other vehicles such as, ships and airplanes also contribute to air pollution, aside of ships in seaports which have a low effect on health due to being distant from populated areas.  Although, those have a much greater effect on the environment.

    Transport pollution includes

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