Super Glue

Maglit 1800
Contact cement for wood, rubber, carpets, PVC and general use. 
General "all-around" economical grade of contact-glue. Solvent based glue.


Verobond 1820
Contact Cement for wood, rubber, PVC and general use- high temp. resistance, Special top high resins content. 
Specialty 25%  resin concentrate, for high heat tasks in the Wood veneering industry. Solvent based glue.


Verostic 1860
Contact Cement, non flammable, for spraying foams and uphorsteny assembly. 
Spraying contact Cement, for fast tasks. Based on a mix of solvents, Non flammable.


Contact adhesive for spray, durable for hot climates. 
Used for gluing polyurethane foam , latex and other materials. Heat resistant.


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