Adhesive Tapes

Hot transparent glue candles.

Verolit 1062
Hot melt PSA for PET bottles labeling. Self-adhesive labelling grade. PSA (rubber based) industrial HMA.

Verolit 1064
For labeling plastic bottles.

Verolit 1081
Hot melt adhesive for fast carton packaging, suitable for tough summer conditions. 
Economical grade for carton Packaging.

Melt adhesive for labeling cans.

Hot glue for edge banding machines. Glue for edge banding in a variety of colors. Glue for edge banding production machines.

Hot glue for cardboard boxes designed for fast gluing of boxes and optimized for the food industry, frozen and delicate nozzles work. Quick cardboard packaging glue "next generation" - Pearl White, melting transparent, odorless and keeps the machines clean over time. Adhesive melting machines.

Hot glue bookbinding glue "back" in the service car (Martin Muller etc.). Odorless transparent adhesive particularly suitable for machines pony. Glue the back cover melting machines. Adhesive melting machines (sandwiches books).

White glue melts.

Special melts glue for deep-frozen cardboard boxes, and to attach hay to cardboards for special missions.

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