Methanol for Transportation

Dor Chemicals was selected to lead and conduct a series of experiments with methanol-rich fuel mixtures. The experiments took place in cooperation with various ministries i.e. transport and energy, the environmental protection agency, and Ten Oil Company; and were supervised by the University of Be'er Sheva and the Standards Institution of Israel (SII).

The experiment began in early 2012 with a gasoline mixture called M15 which compromises 15 % methanol and 85 % regular gasoline. As the experiment progressed and achievement of interim targets at the end of the first year were attained, it was decided to expand the experiment by adding over ten test vehicles. In addition, a few Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) were added to the experiment in order to examine the use of M70 mixture containing 70% methanol and 30% regular gasoline.

Methanol-Rich fuel mixtures have several advantages:

Artlicle: The Marker (Heb); Tashtiot (Heb) 

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