Dor Chemicals is a leading global producer of HP-MTBE. High Purity Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether, also known as methyl tertiary butyl ether and MTBE, is a chemical compound with molecular formula C5H12O.

HP MTBE is a powerful solvent widely used in organic chemistry as a relatively inexpensive solvent with properties comparable to diethyl ether but with a higher boiling point and lower solubility in water. It is also used medically to dissolve gallstones & for the pharmaceutical synthesis.

As a solvent, HP MTBE possesses one distinct advantage over most ethers - it has a much lower tendency to form explosive organic peroxides. HP MTBE is supplied in bulk isotanks, road & rail trucks, and drums.  It is mainly used for the following applications:

HP MTBE is a solvent which is cost- effective in five important ways:

  1. Strong solventing power
  2. High purity contributes to product quality
  3. Excellent oxidative stability
  4. Safe storage & handling
  5. Competitive price
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