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About us

The Dor Group has been established over 50 years ago and  is engaged in manufacturing and trading of chemicals, logistics and innovative solutions to environmental demands and alternative energies.

Dor was founded in Israel in 1964 by the Dankner family, and began operations with the establishment of the group's plants in Atlit. Over the years the group expanded - at early 70's Dor Chemicals plant was built together with the establishment of the logistics facilities in the Haifa Bay. in 1999 "Dor Film" plant was built at the Bar-Lev industrial park in the western Galilee and in 2009 the acquisition of Dor Ecology in Ramat Hovav.

Dor Group operates through four major industrial and logistics centers spread from the north to south of Israel. The group employs some 500 employees coming from all sectors of the population.

Dor group, through its various activities, is committed to advanced manufacturing processes, accessibility and availability, quality management, innovation and social responsibility. Among its customers are leading companies in Israel and abroad such as Teva Group, Pfizer, Cargil. Dor holds production quality standards and is certified for environment and safety standards. Investment in the development and strengthening human capital is reflected in the employment of skilled employees in various academic fields, and the group employs dozens of engineers, chemists, marketing and management staff.

Dor has ongoing collaboration with academic institutes such as the Israeli Technical Institute, Ben Gurion University as well as MIT in projects of development of green new energies and development of technologies for ecological problems.

Dor regularly invests many resources to expand it's business activity, in core areas and in the development of new activities. Dor's solid capital structure will allow it to implement the expansion plans, will bring additional employment opportunities in various parts of the country and fulfill the vision of the company and its shareholders.